The heart of The Media Barons comes from television.


Why is this so important?  Beyond the contacts, the history and the politics, comes the know-how of delivering products that people want to see, interact with and persue.  We take this experience apply the dedication it takes to create a music video, TV pilot or feature film and focus that to your product commercial, in-house training video and promotional website.




...and yes, even with our long corporate client list, we still have time to make TV shows. 

Who We Are

The Media Barons Creative Services are a Southern California based creative firm that develops brands and promotes companies and products through video, web, photography, design and brand management.

What We Do

Everything! The Media Barons are most widely known for their video production and motorsports work.  However, our services extend far beyond just those two divisions and into almost every creative realm.  From television, to events, to application development and logo design, The Media Barons will meet and surpass all of your creative needs.


Why Wait

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