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Creative Services
When people ask us who we are, we label ourselves as a Creative
Services company. Why do we do that... because we actually do things. We’re not
consultants. We fit in the realm of marketing but we’re not really marketers. We’re entertainers,
and that’s what we specialize in. Our group is comprised of a bunch of under-40 creatives who
look at a company’s need and think of ways to go there in order to grab an audience. Coming
from a unique niche of television production, corporate advertising, as well as motorsports,
we’ve carved a fun niche as jack-of-all-trades. The thing to remember is, we actually do
every stage of the process, from concept creation to execution, and everything in between.

About Our Samples
Everything you see here is a product of us. 
All of the core concepts, the design, the copywriting, the editing, the casting of our models and even
licensing... we do all of it. The whole idea is to be a turn-key agency to produce everything as
you need, and leave nothing on your shoulders. For a full list of services and simples, please
contact us.

Television Background
Having served as Executive Producers for such networks as E! Entertainment
Television and iNHD, not to mention having produced and written for a variety of networks
including History, Discovery, NBC, Fox, SPEED, Animal Planet, Lifetime and Style, the group
is well versed in the worlds of television development and production.

Corporate Background
From creating and executing core concepts, to aiding in specific design and
implementation elements, or even generating a new company’s logo and branding scheme, our
group understands the business needs of a variety of industries. Specializing in young and
humor-based concepts, our core strength in the corporate world centers on two words: go there.

Motorsport Background
With roots in motorsports that span the realm of marketing, management, team
operation, series-based initiatives and even driving, The Media Barons have a deep
understanding of the business, political, and competitive needs involved in making a
motorsport entity prevail. From aiding to run an entire marketing operation to simply designing
apparel or hero cards, we have worked in a number of professional series including NASCAR,
IndyCar, GRAND-AM, the American Le Mans Series and Formula Drift.

Who We Are

The Media Barons Creative Services are a Southern California based creative firm that develops brands and promotes companies and products through video, web, photography, design and brand management.

What We Do

Everything! The Media Barons are most widely known for their video production and motorsports work.  However, our services extend far beyond just those two divisions and into almost every creative realm.  From television, to events, to application development and logo design, The Media Barons will meet and surpass all of your creative needs.


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2335 E. Colorado Blvd. Suite 115 Pasadena, CA 91107| 1.877.287.1959 | info@themediabarons.com
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